November 2011

Teacher exchange for a 21st Century Education

Preparing our students for the 21st century and its demands is a global challenge. We... See more

The World According To Erdogan

There is hardly a day when Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey's Islamist prime minister, is not... See more

The FSB Should Open Up the Wallenberg Files

Next year marks the 100th birthday of one of the 20th century's most admired figures:... See more

When we say tandem we mean Putin

A consensus is emerging among Russia-watchers that Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's return to the Russian... See more

October 2011

The Bodies Politic

Both the United States and Russia are gearing up for a presidential election in 2012,... See more

Gamers' Harry Potter

It's no surprise that there is already a computer game of "Metro 2033." Dmitry Glukhovsky's... See more

Passive voice can also be a worldview

Russians and Americans are far apart on so many issues, and many choose to see... See more

In pursuit of quality

One of the favorite sayings of the new generation of global Russians is ,"Speak English,... See more

Middle East miscalculated

I am still baffled: Why did the Kremlin commit such a gross error of judgement... See more

Can Russia learn from Steve Jobs?

The announcement last month that Apple CEO Steve Jobs felt compelled to resign due to... See more

May 2011

Looking beyond oil's curse

Analysts have been talking about Russia's natural resource curse for years, but now the discussion... See more

Seeing eye to eye after Osama Bin Laden

The liquidation of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden presented Russia and the United States with... See more

Two leaders, one throne

Political analysts in Russia and across the world are speculating on who will become Russia's... See more

April 2011

Writing verbatim

Russia, a country frequently defined by its epic novels, has witnessed a recent prolific surge... See more

Beware of books

Many years ago, when the acclaimed Russian poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko said: "A poet in Russia... See more

Know any good lobbyists?

There is a new mood of fiscal austerity that has set in on Capitol Hill... See more

Black and foreign in Russia

Recently, a reader of my blog, "Brave New Russia," wrote me an email asking what... See more

December 2010

Change for the better

While polite society is uncomfortable discussing issues like racism in Russia, refusing to ask the... See more


Russian dog owners mourn the loss of GLONASS satellites

The loss of three GLONASS satellites is hardly a major setback for the ultimate success... See more

The Lecture Circuit

When I lived in Moscow during stretches of the 1960s and 1970s, torrents of incessant... See more

To START or not to START?

The most impressive victory of the Republican Party in the recent midterm elections sent shivers... See more

Joining Club WTO, Seventeen Years On

Russia's accession to the World Trade Organization is closer to being accomplished than at any... See more

Leaks, Damage and Batman

To tell the truth, most of the world, including Russia, does not really understand what... See more

Russia the Gentle Giant?

Recent actions by the Russian leadership could indicate a shift in the way Russia hopes... See more

Russian language changes as it goes global

The Russian spoken today around the world may not be that taught by academic philologists,... See more

November 2010

Russia Watchdog

Former high-ranking diplomat David Kramer was named the executive director of Freedom House, an NGO... See more

21st-Century Cooperation

President Dmitry Medvedev is going to Lisbon, after all. This is good news. More important,... See more

Feeling the Chill

A new disposition on Capitol Hill will have a dramatic effect on President Barack Obama's... See more

Toward Global Security

The year 2010 has seen important events in the sphere of nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation,... See more

October 2010

Counting Treasure

Hundreds of thousands of artifacts are missing from Russian museums, a revelation that has received... See more

The Cost of Shoes

When I first arrived in Russia in 1993, everyone knew I was a foreigner thanks... See more

Vertically Challenged

Monuments to Russia's new power and wealth have been sprouting up and testing the limits... See more

Space hotel the next step into the final frontier

Sergei Kostenko's plan for a space hotel may seem far-fetched, but really it's only a... See more

September 2010


In Dagestan, it's different this time

The latest violence in Dagestan highlights the bigger problems facing Russia's largest North Caucasus republic.Once... See more

Quality, Not Quantity

Some Russia observers never tire of repeating that Russia faces a "demographic crisis." Recently, the... See more

Most Equitable BRIC

The conventional image of Russia is a country of a few super-rich oil barons and... See more

August 2010

Burnt Sacrifice

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has spent days touring fire-ravaged regions promising distraught refugees compensation and... See more

A Chance for Engagement and Rapprochement

In a much-discussed address to Russian ambassadors in mid-July, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev gave his... See more

Mitt Morphs Again

We're familiar by now with Mitt Romney's chameleonic tendencies; if memory serves, the once and... See more

Medvedev's Modernization 101 for diplomats

It is indisputable that Russia, which has exhausted its Soviet-era resources in technology, infrastructure and... See more


BP's Dudley showed loyalty during Russia years

BP crisis manager Robert Dudley has been called to the U.S. Gulf Coast to fix... See more

The end of an era in regional politics

The resignation of Bashkir President Murtaza Rakhimov coming soon after that of long-time Tatar leader... See more

June 2010

A Zone of Responsibility

Until only recently, the territory of the former Soviet Union appeared to be a vast... See more

Define Modernization

NATO soldiers marching in Red Square on Victory Day. Moscow agreeing on a compromise resolution... See more

Blue Bucket Democracy

The most annoying thing about living in Moscow is the traffic: not the legendary jams,... See more

May 2010

A New and Modern Foreign Policy

A supposedly confidential Foreign Ministry document--an intentional leak that was published on Russian Newsweek's Web... See more

A Tenacity to Remember

In a popular book on French cuisine ("Lunch in Paris, A Love Story, with recipes... See more

A Predator of the Press

In honor of World Press Freedom Day on May 3, Reporters Without Borders released a... See more

Georgia: An Insecure Foothold for the U.S.

It is always bad news for a major continental nation or global superpower to tie... See more

A New Lease on Ukraine

Passions are raging in Kiev over the agreement President Dmitry Medvedev signed with Ukrainian President... See more

A tenacity to remember

While proud of their own nation's contributions to the victory over Nazi Germany, many Americans... See more

April 2010

Bonding in common tragedy

The tragedy outside Smolensk - to the surprise of many - brought Polish-Russian relations to... See more

What the metro Bombings say about Us

At first glance, it seems the moment for the metro bombings was well chosen: March... See more

Russia's Dance with NATO

At the annual security conference in Munich in February, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was asked... See more

March 2010

Why conspiracy theories prevail

Perhaps more so than in any other developed nation I've visited, Russians are avid believers... See more


Iran: Russia's Strategic New Client

Iran is fast becoming one of Russia's best business clients. While Russia is not entirely... See more

Rhetoric and reason

The Islamic Republic of Iran has grabbed the attention of politicians and political analysts from... See more

February 2010

The Loser in Ukraine

So, who was the loser in the presidential elections in Ukraine? On the surface,... See more

Nuclear Diplomacy

American and Russian negotiators have struggled for months to craft a new bilateral treaty... See more

Majority Rule

As a rule, I'm not much one for statistics, but every so often one... See more

January 2010

Closer to China

During President Barack Obama's recent trip to the People's Republic of China, he strongly... See more

December 2009

Eastern Promises

China's influencein Russia continues to expand. Even routine domestic economic decisions in Russia are increasingly... See more

Behind Poker Faces

I first ran into the problem of explaining Russian humor to Americans while in graduate... See more

November 2009

The Road to Atonement

Loudmouth that I am, I've been asked to lower my volume more often than... See more

Re-Imagining Latvia

When Russian tanks rolled into Georgia in the summer of 2008, I happened to... See more

Between the Lines

When Anton Sikharulidze, the former figure skater and current United Russia member, was asked... See more

October 2009

What's at stake

In contemplating the situation in Afghanistan, it is difficult to escape a feeling of... See more

The Church's Power

The Church in contemporary Russia has become one of the country's most influential social... See more

Noble Efforts

In the late 1980s, Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev was steering the Soviet Union away... See more

September 2009

WTO Access Takes Center Stage

The main priority of Russia's economic policy is World Trade Organization membership. This idea... See more

We Didn't Start the Fire

Bombings in Iraq. A resurgent Taliban in Afghanistan. A global economy on the brink.... See more

Velvet Reform

President Dmitry Medvedev's recent manifesto ("Forward, Russia!") was published while the Valdai Club experts... See more

For the Benefit of All

U.S. President Barack Obama's cancellation of the deployment of a silo-based missile defense system in... See more

August 2009

The Putin Paradox

The Putin era in foreign policy began in June 1999, two months before his... See more

War of the Roses

When one year ago, Georgia launched a large-scale military attack on the secessionist South... See more

The Many Possibilities of the Russian Negative

Found in Translation English-speaking Russians may seem a little too negative, both in everyday... See more

The Genesis of Gaffes

If I were Russian, my country's statements and stances vis-a-vis America would give me... See more

June 2009

They Accused me of "Political" Theater

Artists today have gotten out of the habit of serious work. We're living in... See more

Audiences Cry in All the Same Places

We do a lot of touring, in Russia and abroad. These days, given periodic... See more

A Foreign Policy for Realists

U.S. President Barack Obama's upcoming visit to Moscow inspired us to explore the "reset"... See more

A Foreign Policy for Realists

U.S. President Barack Obama's upcoming visit to Moscow inspired us to explore the "reset"... See more

Will a New Curfew Help Reduce Crime?

President Dmitry Medvedev supported the new law allowing local authorities across Russia to sweep... See more

Reset Caution

Russian and U.S. negotiators have begun nuclear arms control talks in Moscow with the... See more

New strategy for a changing world

The Russian National Security Strategy until 2020, published in mid-May, leaves mixed impressions. It... See more

A Productive History

Over the course of 40 years studying Russia, I have noted the prevalence of... See more

April 2009

Recasting Russia as Post-Colonial India

Frankly speaking, I see Russia's future in the brightest of hues. Admittedly, this sort of... See more

No Recovery For Oil

The Russian government foresees some sectors of the economy improving in the second half of... See more

Landmines On the Bilateral Road

The NATO exercises scheduled to take place in Georgia in May are a "landmine"--one of... See more

Democracy Cast In Anarchic Light

Svetlana Babaeva continues her piercing look at stereotypes of Russia and Russian realities. This... See more

Cautious Expectations

Estrangement between Moscow and Washington has lately given way --with the election of Barack... See more

March 2009

Henry Ford's Mistake

A century ago, Henry Ford, the American capitalist and philanthropist, wrote: "The charitable organization that... See more

Color My World, and Yours Too

The recent United States election campaign was so widely covered in the Russian media that... See more

Behind the Russian Stereotype

Let's look at the most popular impressions of Russia and Russians. Even if we can't... See more

A Commercial Reboot

As the horrendous effects of the economic crisis sink in, Washington and Moscow should... See more

Henry Ford's Mistake

A century ago, Henry Ford, the American capitalist and philanthropist, wrote: "The charitable organization... See more

Color My World, and Yours Too

Found in Translation The recent United States election campaign was so widely covered in... See more

Behind the Russian Stereotype

Let's look at the most popular impressions of Russia and Russians. Even if we can't... See more

A Commercial Reboot

As the horrendous effects of the economic crisis sink in, Washington and Moscow should... See more

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