December 2011

Revising the Moscow in Our Minds

Some stereotypes are based on a kernel of truth, while others are stuck in the... See more

Photographer Walks the Revolution Road

Fearless and fiercely talented, Russian photographer Yuri Kozyrev recently swept two international awards for his... See more

November 2011

Seven Sisters Stage Comeback

The haunted icons of Soviet architecture have fallen in and out of favor, but the... See more

Nyet To The Brown Bag

HRH, my "handsome Russian husband," puts in, on average, a 17-hour workday down at The... See more

October 2011

The Man Who Flew Into Space From His Apartment

In a Soviet flat, Ilya Kabakov explored escape and utopia. His career has soared in... See more

In Moscow, All the City's a Stage

Moscow opens its streets and squares to performers, artists and musicians over the next month... See more

Fixing Foreign Adoption

Can a treaty between Russia and the United States help match qualified American parents with... See more

Crash Killing Hockey Team Raises Ire

The sport of hockey lost 44 players, from Russia, the NHL and Europe, to a... See more

August 2011

We Wondered, Would the Window Close?

Russians reflect on the 20th anniversary of the failed coup that ended the Soviet Union. Like... See more

June 2011

The Nenets Herders, Last Nomads of the North

Russia's nomadic reindeer hunters now coexist with roads, rail, pipes and drilling towers. Lena Sarteto's puffy,... See more

May 2011

From Water and Chocolate, a Club Scene

The famous Red October chocolate factory site on the Moscow River offers a dazzling spectacle... See more

A History of Dieting

Dee Dee, a fresh expat, recently wailed: "Is there a Jenny Craig in Moscow?""Of course,"... See more

A guide to post-soviet parenting

The current breakdown in communication between parents and children in Russia has been festering for... See more

Taken in isolation

After decades of espousing a doctrine of multiculturalism and national diversity, Western societies are discovering... See more

April 2011

Gagarin Opened the Heavens

A half century after Yuri Gagarin became the first human in space, firing up a... See more

A Reluctant Pony Mom

Cordelia is distracted during our weekly bowl of garlic soup. "Are Russian schools off this... See more

December 2010

And So, Is This Christmas?

The Christmas season in a Russian-American household is a marathon, not a sprint. It lasts... See more


Reveling in Russian Santa's Fairytale Home

In a dreamlike pinewood in Northern Russia, tourists find the home of Ded Moroz, or... See more

EXPAT files: Winter, Never Christmas

Meet me at the Diner for lunch," Joe Kelly said over the phone. "I need... See more

Young people find solidarity in the act of being different

Sociologists in Ulyanovsk believe that while young people of different groups may look different, their... See more

Russia to host 2018 world cup

FIFA announced that Russia has won the right to host the World Cup in 2018.Russia... See more

Russia to secure global uranium supplies with a new fuel bank

The State Atomic Energy Corporation (Rosatom) will provide guaranteed uranium supplies worldwide.Russia has stockpiled 120... See more

John Beyrle: America Supports Russia's Accession to WTO

In a recent interview, the U.S. ambassador to Russia said that the United States supports... See more


Feel the pulse of the universe at the Moscow Planetarium

The legendary Moscow Planetarium is scheduled to reopen its doors in December after a long,... See more

The Altai Republic: A Living Spirit

The lakes, woods and deserts of the Altai Republic make a spectacular destination for travelers.The... See more

November 2010

EXPAT FILES: Soup for the columnist

Tancy O'Reilly was felled by a bad November cold. I packed up some chicken soup,... See more

Joint U.S.-Russia force takes on Afghan drugs

The first-ever joint U.S.-Russia anti-drug operation in Afghanistan was deemed a success, despite an outcry... See more


Mystical Moscow

.Ghost hunters will find plenty to search for in the Russian capital and its environs.If... See more


Is there a "Roma question" in Russia?

Caught between nostalgia and misery, held back by criminality and discrimination, Roma (Gypsy) communities in... See more

October 2010

T-shirts, Jeans and Sneakers

After decades of wearing the same shabby apparel, the most important thing in Russian appearance... See more

The Pre-existing Birkin

It's that horrible time of year again: The insurance premiums are due. I will have... See more

Young Designers Freshen Moscow's Catwalk

Russia Now selects five up-and-coming designers who are rising to the top, through local praise... See more


Shaping the New Russian for the 21st century

A new multimedia project is aimed at teaching the Russian chattering classes how to act... See more

Kitchen talk

Masha Gessen, deputy-editor-in-chief of the new project Snob, talks about her goals for it and... See more

Russian star launches supercar

Nikolai Fomenko has made a move from critiquing cars on tv to creating one of... See more

Irkutsk: cultural crossroads in Russian Asia

The architecture of Irkutsk bears the marks of its history as a cross-cultural trading center.For... See more

September 2010

Brain Freeze

A few years ago our institution made a huge breakthrough: For the first time we... See more

Brain Freeze

A few years ago our institution made a huge breakthrough: For the first time we... See more

EXPAT FILES: It's Getting Hot in Here

Autumn is here in Russia, so of course I have dug out my tank tops,... See more

Office Politics, Russian-Style

The blistering heat that plagued central Russia for two straight months affected different people in... See more

Russia's Dr. Seuss

More than 40 years after his death, Kornei Chukovsky remains one of the country's best-loved... See more

August 2010


A Bittersweet Return for White Russians

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable... See more

Office Depot DTs

I am the quintessential office supply/organizational junkie. I spend the kind of time in STAPLES... See more

Russia's Ivy League

The Russian government wants to have its own world-class universities. But first it must introduce... See more

July 2010


Torzhok: The golden age of provincial Russia

The fair city of Torzhok is among the oldest settlements in central Russia. Situated on... See more

A handshake in space

Thirty five years ago, Soviet cosmonauts and American astronauts met in space, paving the way... See more

An inspirational artist's house

The riverside estate at Polenovo is almost unknown to foreign tourists to Russia, but its... See more

Anna Chapman: the girl every man wants

Russian women have stunned the world again, but for a completely unexpected reason"You didn't by... See more

Miracle of Light: The Solovetsky Transfiguration Monastery

Despite the area's tortured history, the sites of Solovki exude a mysterious spirituality. For The... See more

June 2010

Down with Dachas!

It's dacha season again, so of course, I am hiding under my bed. I've read... See more

Press Review

Views from Russia on the Gaza StripIt wasn't Israel's attack on the naval convoy destined... See more

What did the Romanovs do?

The recent death of the last Romanov born before 1917 brings Russians to more soul... See more


A Far-Flung Gamble

Could gambling in exile pay off? Kevin O'Flynn explores the special gambling zone on the... See more


The Game of an Era

The world's best-known computer game first appeared on June 6, 1984. It was designed by... See more

Military policy must balance arms reduction with strategic defense

  The U.S. Senate is discussing whether to ratify the revised Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty,... See more

Lakeside idylls at Pereslavl Zalessky

With five monasteries, nine museums and a lake so big that Peter the Great built... See more

May 2010

Outpost of Change

Lonely Kaliningrad could become the model for constructive dissent; opposition activists are cautious but say... See more

What Does Friendship Mean to a Russian?

Russians seem aggressive at first glance, as if they are prepared for an attack, which... See more


My daughter, Velvet, no longer needs a Nanny, but back in the day, I did... See more


Russian president gives his view on WWII

Dmitry Medvedev gave his take on World War II in interview with Izvestia newspaper. The... See more


Novoye Russkoye Slovo changes with the times

America's preeminent Russian newspaper celebrated its 100th anniversary last month with plenty of pomp, but... See more

Kargopol: Star of the Russian North

The small northern town of Kargopol has treasure richer than its size would imply. Among... See more


U.S. Ambassador has Unique Perspective on Victory Day

John Beyrle honors his father's service in both the U.S. and Soviet ArmiesWhen U.S. Ambassador... See more


United in Victory

For the first time in history, all major allied countries - Russia, the U.K. and... See more


Veliky Ustiug: Northern Jewel

Among the many beautiful towns of the Russian North, Veliky Ustiug stands out for its... See more

Russian bachelors look west

Let's talk about Russian men. A strange new tendency is in evidence: more and more... See more

April 2010

Don't Call Her a Feminist

RN explores Russia's feminism in honor of Richard Stites, author of "The Women's Liberation Movement in Russia." He died last month. See more

How the U.S. Resembles the U.S.S.R.

When I was young, the world's great problem was all black and white because little... See more

Kill the Book Club

The other night, my Handsome Russian Husband, aka HRH, said "I'm going to start a... See more

From the Elbe to Red Square: A Soldier's Story

Hopes that inviting American veterans to Victory Day celebrations in Moscow will help inform young... See more


Mission to Mars

Russian scientists are hoping to if humans can survive a space flight to Mars... See more

Web designer's breakaway journey

The teenage designer of Chatroulette weighs his options in the United StatesAndrey Ternovskiy, a 17-year-old... See more

Ferapontovo: Medieval Treasure in the Russian North

View the Full Gallery ¬Ľ Although Ferapontovo is not far from the river route between... See more


A Soviet Journalist's Recollections of Cuba

Even before Moscow and Havana officially re-established diplomatic relations, Cuba and the Soviet Union had... See more

March 2010

Olympic news and opinions from Russia

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has demanded that the officials responsible for the training of the Russian team for the Vancouver Games offer their resignations. See more


India beckons the young and restless

Russians who have had it with upward mobility are heading to Goa for peace of... See more

Russia makes space for U.S.

While Russia burns with ambition again, the United States has grown ambivalent about space exploration.... See more

February 2010

Russian Studies Revival on Campus

A surprising rise in the popularity of Russian language studies has occurred on American... See more

Paper Architects and the Razing of Moscow.jpg

Paper Architects and the Razing of Moscow

Interview: Yuri Avvakumov explains how Paper Architecture became a movement.The U.S.S.R. Paper Architects grabbed top... See more

Living in Moscow's Endangered

History: An expat revels in Moscow's inner village; Will it survive?Like other cities, Moscow... See more

Hymn to Him

The Expat FilesNowhere does the battle of the sexes play out more vividly thanduring... See more

A Virtual Trip on The Trans-Siberian

A joint project between Google and Russian Railways allows enthusiasts to experience the Trans-Siberian... See more

January 2010

Fashion Becomes The Army.jpg

Fashion Becomes The Army

The Russian Army will soon have a more fashionable and contemporary look thanks to... See more

Henry Kissinger speaks about Andrei Gromyko

In honor of Andrei Gromyko's centenary, Dr. Henry Kissinger spoke warmly of his complex... See more

December 2009

Rejecting the 'isms' Of Ideology

Found in TranslationRussians have a traditional dislike of any sort of 'isms' - especially... See more

Postcards From the Edge

The Expat FilesSnail mail in Russia may beas effective asputting a message ina bottle, but... See more

November 2009

The Specter of Stalin

Press Points: 130 Years of Stalin and Forgetting Russia can't seem to come to... See more

Stepping Into the Minefield: Liberalism

Found in Translation Translating the word "liberal" is like stepping into a political minefield.... See more

Finding Fort Ross

The intriguing tale of Russian America began deep in the interior of Europe in... See more

All Safely Gathered In

The Expat Files Thanksgiving outside the United States offers its own eclectic charm. I... See more

The Gift of Irony

What to buy for that special someone? If they know anyonewho has been toRussia,... See more

October 2009

The Menacing Gas-Scraper

St. Petersburg, the hometown of both Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev, has turned into... See more

In America, Safety Always Comes First

The Expat Files Safety First has its irritations,as our Russian expat in Washington, D.C.,... See more

Guardians of the Gates

No Russian organization is complete without the notorious "Okhraniki," the men responsible for keeping... See more

Afghanistan Lessons

Three years after Soviet soldiers left Afghan soil,prisoners of war were still in Afghanistan,seemingly... See more

September 2009

The Playful Language of Suffixes

Russian suffixes are rich in expression and meaning (especially when it comes to names)... See more

Secret Cities Revealed

Military: RN unlocks the mystery behind the 'closed cities' phenomenon.Astrakhan region. The area is famous... See more

Press Points What's Pressing in the Russian Media

Can Medvedev Help Obama? RIA Novosti, Agency Report At press time U.S. President Barack... See more

One Womans Tale of Soviet Life Grips Nation

For years, Oleg Dormancould notsell his documentary on the epic life of Lilianna Lungina,... See more

Cyber Prince

Hope dies last in Russian cyberspace,where an out-of-time, over-the-topprincecan search for his ideal princess.... See more

Five Years Later: Remembering Beslan

In Memory Beslan, a small town in North Ossetia, became known as Russia's 9-11... See more

A hot summer in the Cold War

Fifty summers ago, the world witnessed a remarkable cultural face-off between its two superpowersFifty... See more

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