December 2011

Paying My Mortgage is My Future

Economically, Russia's new middle class is both freer and more burdened - privileged and squeezed... See more

Lone Private Gun Maker Targets Locals

Besides the notorious Kalashnikov, Russia's gun market is flooded with firearm imports from Austria, Britain,... See more

November 2011

RN Special Promotion: How's the Climate There?

After working for Emerson in North America and Asia, American Dwight K. Bohm served as... See more

RN Special Promotion: Welcoming Foreign Capital

A new governor wants to attract foreigners to the Chelyabinsk region. Cold weather - which regularly... See more

RN Special Promotion: A Warm Climate for Investors

Southern Ural authorities try to convince American companies of the benefits of investing in the... See more

October 2011

Driver Turned Billionaire

A former taxi driver shows that it is possible to make money by appealing to... See more

May 2011

Yandex, Russia's Google, Launching IPO on NASDAQ

Investors are eager to get a piece of Russia's burgeoning Internet market despite political risk. Telling... See more

April 2011

China Drives Development of Russia's Border

China's insatiable demand for raw materials is driving infrastructure development in Russia's remote provinces. Serving up... See more

From Big Macs to the Circus

The Cohons brought McDonald's to Russia. Now they are launching a $57 million entertainment venture.... See more

March 2011

E-Book Boom is a Page Turner

The surge in e-book sales has led to a variety of products being developed specifically... See more

Local Drug Industry Gets Kremlin Injection

The domestic market is set for a new growth spurt, and foreign companies are staking... See more

December 2010


World Cup 2018 to spur Russian development

Russia's winning bid for the 2018 World Cup will result in dramatic changes across the... See more

Examining the World, One BRIC at a Time

Russia may have one tenth the population of China, but it does have a middle... See more


Real Life MBA for the Emerging Market

The first class at Skolkovo, including students from India and Brazil, focused on practical skills... See more


Real Life MBA for the Emerging Market

The first class at Skolkovo, including students from India and Brazil, focused on practical skills... See more

Russia scores a hat trick as it wins right to host 2018 World Cup

Football governing body FIFA's announcement Dec. 2 that Russia has won the rights to host... See more

November 2010


Red to Green: Russia Begins Energy Saving

Russia needs energy efficiency in order to improve its competitiveness. Government and businesses have projects... See more

Harvesting the Sun's Northern Exposure

Russia may be associated more with long, dark winters than sun-drenched days, but that does... See more


No-frills phone targets grandmothers

The iPhone may be the "in" thing, but Russian operators are courting the elderly with... See more

October 2010


The Arctic: Laboratory for Cooperation

Scientific cooperation, not geopolitical competition, is the key to developing the Arctic, a sanctuary of... See more


What are they waiting for?

Goldman Sach's head of global economic research and BRIC guru, Jim O'Neill, coined the term... See more

What Drives Russia's Astronomical Road Costs?

An imposing post-Soviet bureaucracy and chaotic development underground has led to the most expensive roads.How... See more

September 2010


Best-paid Expats Live in Russia, but It's Not Easy to Get a Job There

While Moscow offers some of the best benefits for highly qualified foreign managers, finding a... See more


No Gordon Gekkos: Insider Trading Outlawed

Traders now face restrictions on how they use information. Insider trading will become a crime... See more

August 2010

Home Buyers Tripped by Mortgage Market Hurdles

Russia's mortgage industry remains in its nascent stages, making a new home out of reach... See more

For the First Time, the Economy Gets Real

It took 20 years and more than one crisis, but the Russians are getting interested... See more

July 2010

Russian labor market on the rise

Russia is in the top three countries among the EU and BRIC nations in... See more

Kudrin's lonely fight for prudence continues

Kudrin's cautious approach faces opposition from the highest levelsFinance minister Alexei Kudrin has been fighting... See more

Modernization as liberty for businessmen

Three weeks ago, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev made a strong impression on Western venture capitalists... See more


Gas power

After revising its estimate for 2010, Gazprom rolls out a strategy for the Asian market.... See more

June 2010

New Silicon Valley

In an effort to boost Russia's venture capital infrastructure and shift the economy away from... See more

In Hundreds or in Bricks

Leading Russian commercial bank Uralsib has revived a strategy, accounts in gold, which aims to... See more

May 2010


True grit: Russia's banks prove their mettle

It's a world turned upside down. Last time Russia faced a serious economic crisis,... See more

Dependence on Foreign Cash Must Go

Interview: Herbert MoosCan the head of one of Russia's largest banks achieve transparency?The financial crisis... See more

The Future of Banking 
in Russia

Russia's banking sector suffered much less from the world's financial and economic crisis compared to... See more


From Moscow to the Regions

In a country as big as Russia, which spans 10 time zones, long-distance communications... See more

Voloshin appointed head of Moscow financial center taskforce

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev appointed political heavyweight Alexander Voloshin to spearhead the Kremlin's drive to... See more


Yanukovych deflates Putin offer of gas merger

In recent statements, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych deflated Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's "impromptu" trial... See more

The Greek tragedy, shades of 1998

Equity markets around the world, including Russia's, are tanking as the possibility of a Greek... See more

April 2010


The Virus Warrior: A Start-Up Tale

Moscow in the early 1990s conjures up stereotypical images of underworld characters. But well beyond... See more


Broadband Booming: Internet Usage Soars

High-speed Internet usage has exploded in Russia, but has not been confined to its major... See more

How to Deliver the Chips

A lack of managerial skill at the helm of the country's few investment funds remains... See more

News in Brief

Hundreds of Adoptions UncertainHundreds of U.S. adoptions went into a state of limbo last week... See more

March 2010


Russia may scrap ruble

The Moscow Times quoted First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov as saying that Russia may... See more

A new dawn for global nuclear power

Nuclear power lost popularity following disasters, but new technologies are making it an attractive alternative... See more


A closed nuclear city's new bid

Zelenogorsk, a remote center of nuclear technology, is a closed city with big ambitions. A... See more


Cola wars rage on Russian market

Both Cola companies plan massive expansion in Russia and other developing economies, but problems with... See more

February 2010


Baltic Pipeline, timber tariffs seen as linked

Speaking at an environmental summit in Helsinki on Feb. 10, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin... See more

You Can Be Sure of Shale

Western countries hope advances in drilling can end dependence on Russia's natural gas, but Gazprom's... See more


Sochi: An Olympic Makeover

Sochi is a construction site of chaos and disruption as the city prepares for the... See more


Pipe Dreams Come True

Cold War tensions between Russia and Europe will persist as long as the Cold Warenergy... See more

Business News

Russian Consumer Demand Picks Up Russian consumers have been driving the country's fast growth... See more

December 2009

Moscow's Internet Prospects

Russia's Comstar announced the launch of its new product, the ColibriComstar netbook, at a... See more

Money Under the Mattress

Pre-crisis surveys indicatethat Russians still keep their money in pickling jars, under beds and beneath... See more

Europe's New Hub to Asia?

A unique international air hub is taking shape in Moscow, which has the potential to... See more

The Nucleus of a Beautiful Friendship

Russia gained a much sought-after foothold in India's nuclear energy sector, as Indian Prime... See more

Kudrin: Privatizations Will Use IPO

The government will sell off most of the state enterprises slated for privatization through... See more

November 2009

Wanted: trained IT specialists

Amid President Dmitry Medvedev's calls for modernization, one of the IT sector's top employers... See more

Telecoms: The Revolution is Televised

High Tech: New wave of technology could transform media Digital programming is poised to... See more

Stem Cells to the Rescue

Business: Russia's First Post-Crisis IPO Is it too early for an IPO? A Russian... See more

Morgan Stanley: SPOs and IPOs to Increase 10-fold

Interview: Public Offerings Offer Concrete Signs of Recovery Western companies fear that Russian business... See more

October 2009

When People Don't Go Out, They Talk More At Home

Telecommunications: Russia's landline operators are showing qualitative growth, despite the crisis The landline industry... See more

Pensioners Bet On The Stock Exchange

Russians do not often live on their more-than-modest pension alone. Some continue to work... See more

Keeping the Cash

Aging Russians: A plan to increase pensions could boost the post-crisis economy Tanya Kokovina... See more

September 2009

They believe in Russia

A sizable number of foreign workers in Russia who lost their jobs recently do... See more

August 2009

On the road to recovery

Russia has just suffered its "worst on record" GDP contraction, but behind the numbers... See more

Charting Market Recovery

Business Barometer: In this series, Russia Now brings analysis from prominent investment professionals The... See more

Fortune-telling: How much will a barrel of oil cost in 2010?

On July 13, the Russian government adopted a basic forecast of socio-economic development in... See more

July 2009

Malev buys 30 Superjets for $1 billion

Malev Hungarian Airlines said Monday that it would purchase 30 Superjets worth $1 billion,... See more

Flying first class

Best known for its bombers and fighter jets, Russian aircraft producer Sukhoi has decided... See more

An expeditionary investment

Russia has rescued Opel, but the German carmaker will be expected to return the... See more

Sochi games go private

The organizers of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games have announced that they can get... See more

Deripaska pays more arrears as workers look to Pikalyovo

A Siberian pulp plant controlled by billionaire Oleg Deripaska said Monday that it would... See more

June 2009

The WTO Obstacle Course

WTO members have agreed in principle on Russia's accession, so why is it now... See more

Sochi 2014 Winter Games to have first foreign investor

One of Europe's largest engineering and construction companies, Todini Costruzioni Generali (TCG), and a... See more

Moscow proposes mini-grain cartel

Black Sea countries will discuss creating a regional "grain pool" when 40 country delegations... See more

An offer you can't refuse

The meeting in late May between Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and his Norwegian counterpart,... See more

Banking on Technology

Russia has come a long way in 18 short years under a new political... See more

May 2009

Strict Cap Sought on Executive Salaries

A bill submitted to the State Duma on Wednesday would cap annual executive compensation... See more

Putin Hikes Road Spending by 25%

The government will increase spending on building roads by 25 percent to $16 billion... See more

A tale of two crises

The current economic crisis will be over in a year - and is hugely... See more

April 2009

We are Close to Hitting Bottom

Over the past two months, manufacturers have increased expectations for an economic upswing. According to... See more

Waging War on Bonus Culture

A bill recently submitted to the State Duma would cap annual executive compensation at... See more

Special Zones Offer Oasis for Investment

Since the beginning of 2009, foreign direct investment into the Russian economy has totalled about... See more

Italian Investors Bring Stable Growth

Despite the financial crisis, Italian businesses have made sizeable commitments in Russia, and four firms... See more

Economic Perks for the Foreign Investor

The world crisis has not changed the government's plans for special economic zones, a public-private... See more

March 2009

The Car Market: Down but Not Out, Experts Say

In February, St. Petersburg hosted Autoinvest, an annual international conference aimed at attracting investment... See more

Employment Exodus

Moscow seems a little less packed; traffic is better and the metro not as crowded.... See more

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